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    Are you a woman or girl with a disability who dreams of excelling in sports?
    Do you seek a powerful community where mentorship, health, and wellness are paramount?
    Look no further than Sisters In Sports Foundation (SIS)!
    We’re now accepting applications until March 22nd!

    SIS Application

Unleashing the Power Within:



At Sisters in Sports Foundation, our mission is to empower and unite women and girls with disabilities, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community where they not only belong but also thrive. We are committed to breaking down barriers, celebrating diversity, and promoting the spirit of collaboration. Through love of sports and mentorship, we inspire individuals to embrace their unique abilities, forging a path of strength and resilience. 


Our vision is a world where every woman and girl with a disability finds her place in a supportive and dynamic community. We envision a future where these remarkable individuals are not defined by their limitations but celebrated for their unique talents and contributions. Sisters in Sports Foundation seeks to lead by example, demonstrating that by embracing our differences, we create a mosaic of strength, resilience, and endless possibilities. 

Our Programs:

Wellness Program:

Elevating Lives On and Off the Field

Engage in dynamic wellness roundtables and personal sessions with sports psychologists. This distinctive program empowers athletes to overcome challenges and shine not only in their sport but in every aspect of life.

Mentorship Program:

Strength in Unity, Wisdom in Guidance

The mentorship program creates strength of our united front through the exclusive support of our Mentorship Program. Connect with mentors who understand the unique journeys of women and girls with disabilities in sports. Together, we learn, grow, and overcome, fueled by the direct guidance of an unparalleled and supportive community. #EmpowerHer

Grants for Your Sport of Choice:

Breaking Down Financial Barriers

Our direct and unique support manifests in the Grants for Your Sport of Choice. Your contributions directly fuel the dreams of our athletes, breaking down financial barriers. Sisters in Sports is the only organization offering this level of direct support, ensuring that every athlete, regardless of circumstance, can pursue excellence without limitations.

Pay It Forward

Passing on the Torch of Empowerment

Our athletes are more than stars; they’re luminaries of hope. We don’t just encourage them to dream; we empower them to share their dreams, to ignite the flames of inspiration in others, and to pass on the legacy of empowerment. When you pay it forward, they create an unending wave of transformation.

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Thank you for visiting the Sisters in Sports Foundation. Together, we’re not just inspiring change; we’re fueling a revolution of empowerment, one incredible athlete at a time. Explore our athletes’ stories and the heart of our program to be a part of this incredible journey.

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